"I think romance is anything honest.
As long as it's honest, it's so disarming"

Nana. 26. Brazil.

so disarming

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love-in-the-meadow answered your question “I just watched Camp X Ray and I’m crying. Did you guys cry? Am I the…”

Duuuude! Seriously? I think EVERYONE cried! It would be more weird if you didn’t cry! It was *perf* <3

Aw yay! :) It really was amazing!

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No!!! I literally SOBBED at the end of that movie! I’ve watched it twice so far and I cried both times even knowing what was coming!

The emotional connection that Kristen and Peyman brought to their characters was palpable!!

I know, right? It was such an emotional film!

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Dude there was that one scene, I think we all know what scene I’m talking about towards the end, where I literally just curled up in a ball and sobbed like a baby. I’m not an emotional person but this movie made me evaluate my life. 

Yeah, that scene had me ugly sobbing here. They did an amazing job!